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The Rift
by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: March 2003
Summary: A challenge drabble for the LJ community, Wednesday 100. The challenge was to have Clark and Lex break up and make up in 100 words.


Lex stared at the glass in front of him, the amber liquid catching the light. It was cool and smooth, just as Lex had been when Clark stormed away. The rift was growing whether Lex wanted it or not. His father had planted the seeds with the vault in Metropolis. Lex knew that both Martha and Clark had seen the file.

The phone rang, interrupting his thoughts. Lex knew before he answered that it would be Clark, apologizing for things that weren't even his fault. Lex knew that he would forgive him, and that for now, the rift would close.



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