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Seeking Krypton
by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: April 2003
Summary: A challenge drabble for the LJ community, Wednesday 100. The challenge was to place our Smallville characters in an alternate universe.


Clark's team stepped through the Stargate into another world, and Clark saw the ruins of a clearly advanced society. Hearing the sneeze behind him, he barked at the culprit. "Luthor, get to work and see what you can figure out."

The bald man walked to a nearby monument. After a few minutes, he called out, obviously excited. "Sir, I think we've got something. These markings are exactly like those found in a cave in Kansas. Whoever these people were, they were on Earth a long time ago."

The words burned through Clark's brain. He'd finally found it; he found Krypton.



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