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Heat of Summer
by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: July 2004
A ficlet written for earthseed including the lines: "You don't think this is real do you?" and "I didn't know you even owned jeans."


The summer heat rose up from the fields, creating a kind of haze across the horizon. Before retreating to his loft, Clark had heard on the radio farm report that the heat index would reach 115 degrees this afternoon. That was too hot even for the Kryptonian. So Clark did the one thing that would let him escape; he took a nap under the eaves of the barn loft.

The nap had worked; it had let him avoid the worst heat of afternoon. When he woke, the sun was going down, and it had already started to cool down. After his nap, he was a little disoriented. He sat up from his bed and was startled to see Lex leaning on the loft rail, just watching him.

Clark stammered, “Lex! What are you doing here?”

Lex just stared at Clark with a hungry look in his eyes. Lex cleared his throat, but his voice was still thick with passion. “Clark, I just came for a visit, and your mom told me you were out here. When I got up here, you were asleep, so I decided to wait.”

With the look that Lex was giving him, Clark suddenly realized that he was only clad in his boxers. Clark looked around frantically for a blanket, anything, to cover himself, but there was nothing. As he looked back at Lex, he noticed that Lex was looking pretty sexy himself. He was clad in jeans, no doubt by some fancy designer, and a black t-shirt. Clark stopped those thoughts before they went any further because he could feel himself getting hard and there was no way to hide it.

He didn’t stop it soon enough though; it was clear from the look on Lex’s face that he had noticed. Clark tried to diffuse the situation by making small talk. “So, what have you been up to today, besides watching me sleep? You couldn’t have been working in those clothes. I didn't know you even owned jeans.”

Lex laughed, a warm sound that filled the loft. “Yes, Clark, even I, Lex Luthor, own a pair or two of jeans. And you’re right. The air conditioning at LuthorCorp was down today, so I shut down operations, sent everyone home, and have been enjoying a much-needed day off. In fact, I was hoping to spend the rest of it with you.”

Clark moved to get up and go get his t-shirt from the pile of clothes on the other side of the loft. He didn’t move fast enough though, and Lex intercepted him. “You know Clark, we could go back to the mansion and well...”

The look in Lex’s eyes caused Clark to get hard again quickly. Clark knew he had to get out of here fast or his friendship with Lex would be changed forever. “Lex, I don’t know. I have chores and...”

His voice trailed off as Lex very carefully reached up and caressed his cheek. Clark was paralyzed by the move. Lex then moved in to kiss Clark very gently. It was everything that Clark had ever thought it would be. Lex was warm and exciting, and he tasted exotic and well, like Lex.

Too soon, Lex pulled back and looked at Clark with appraising eyes. "You don't think this is real do you?"

Clark stammered in response, “Lex, I don’t know. I mean, I was sleeping, and well, this has been a dream of mine for awhile.”

Lex moved closer again and ran his hands across Clark’s bare chest, sending chills up and down Clark’s spine. “It’s very real, Clark. In fact, it’s something that I’ve wanted for a very, very long time. I just wasn’t sure if you did or if you were even ready. After all, you were pretty young when we first met.”

Clark breathed heavily trying to maintain some kind of composure as Lex’s hands traced intricate patterns on his skin. “Lex, I want this more than I think I’ve ever wanted anything.” Clark tried to steady himself. “But, it’s more complicated than that. There are things that we have to talk about. Things you have to know.”

Lex’s hands stilled and rested squarely in the center of Clark’s chest. “Clark, there’s nothing else I need to know.” Lex’s eyes were intense as he continued. “I’ve known for a long time, Clark. I’ve been angry. I’ve been hurt. I’m over all of that. I know you have your reasons for not telling me. I even understand them. I don’t want that to be in the way of us. Not now. Not ever.”

Lex moved to kiss him again. This time wasn’t gentle; it was hard and demanding. Lex took charge of Clark’s mouth and told Clark everything that he needed to know. Lex knew what he was, and Lex was willing to take all the chances that came with Clark’s alien heritage.

Breathless as Lex pulled back, Clark gasped out his answer. “Okay. Let me grab my clothes.”

Lex smiled and moved toward the loft stairs. “Meet me at the car.”

Clark just watched as Lex descended the stairs and walked out of the barn. He knew that things had just changed a good way. Using his super-speed, he dressed and was standing at the car waiting when Lex got there.

Lex just smiled and nodded. “Get in farm boy. We’re going for a ride.”



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