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by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: June 2003
Summary: A challenge drabble for the LJ community, Wednesday 100. The challenge was to involve the weather in Kansas.


While Lex's attention was focused on the road, Clark was quietly sitting in his seat, wondering if he was invulnerable enough to survive a crash at this speed

Lex jumped as a loud clang reverberated through the car, "What the fuck was that?"

Clark just smiled from the other side of the car, "It's a hail storm, Lex."

Lex looked incredulous, "Hail? In May?"

"Yes, Lex. In May."

"Look what it's doing to my car!"

First a snort, then Clark's rich laughter filled the car. It was infectious, and soon Lex was laughing too. "Guess I'm really in Kansas now!"



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