by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: July 2004
A ficlet written for ozreison including the line: "Let's just not go there today, ok?" (McKay/Beckett)

As Rodney woke up, in the infirmary again, he opened his eyes to see the smirk on the face of Dr. Beckett. He groaned, knowing that he must have passed out again after getting the shadow to go through the Stargate.

The doctor was entirely too cheery. “Ah, Rodney. You’re awake, I see. What’s the last thing you remember?”

McKay brought a hand to his forehead, rubbing at the headache forming there. “Oh God, I passed out again, didn’t I? I was sitting on the floor of the control room after the shadow went through the gate. Your medical team arrived, late as usual, and then it all went black. Oh God.”

The doctor scribbled down the vital signs from the monitor onto the chart he was holding. “Ah, yes. I’m startin’ to wonder if the ATA therapy is causin’ some kind of vagal response that keeps makin’ you faint.”

Aggravated, McKay spat back, “I did not faint! I merely passed out from...wait a minute. Did you say this might be from the gene therapy?”

Looking sheepish, Beckett answered. “It is possible. We’ll only know when we see if Dr. Grodin starts to display similar symptoms. For now, we’ve halted the trial. After all, we can’t have everyone faintin’ at the drop of a hat.”

McKay exploded. “Why do you have to keep using that word? Is it your mission in life to aggravate me?”

Beckett just laughed. “I think my mission in life might just be to keep you entertained.”

McKay gaped as Beckett leered, yes, leered at him. God, he had thought that the doctor’s comments at the Antarctica base were inappropriate. Now the man was leering at him. Was the man going to jump him in bed if they were here much longer? "Let's just not go there today, ok?"

Beckett smiled as he walked away. “Whatever you say, Rodney. Whatever you say. “

McKay lay back on the gurney and closed his eyes. God, if they were stuck out here much longer, that damn Scot might actually start to look good. Oh God. Positively pornographic images of the doctor flashed across his mind, and he sat up suddenly. As he did it, he realized that had been a very bad idea. “Oh, shit.” The world went black again.


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