New Beginnings
by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: July 2004
Just a little ficlet I wrote to satisfy my own rare pairing. (Beckett/Sheppard)

Sheppard sat in his makeshift quarters of the Ancient city, trying to focus on the notebook in front of him. Before Sheppard left Earth, General O’Neill had given him a copy of the debriefing manual that was given to all new SGC personnel. The manual detailed the history of the Stargate and gave an overview of all the races that Earth had encountered since opening the gate.

The more he read, the more he wondered if agreeing to come on this mission had been the smartest decision that he’d ever made. Of course, given what he’d read, staying on Earth didn’t seem particularly smart either. It seemed that the gate was just a ticking time bomb, waiting to end life on Earth as he knew it.

But here, there was no football, no beer, no guys’ night out. Of course, there was also no frostbite, no snowshoeing to your helicopter or any of the other things he’d had to deal with since being sent to McMurdo. Pros and cons.

Before he knew it, his mind wandered to one of the big pros and cons on his list. He’d finally managed to escape the reach of his ex-wife. No more fighting about alimony here. The flip side was that the chances for any sort of meaningful companionship here seemed few and far between.

After his marriage ended in shambles, it had been clear to him that he simply played for the “other team”. Since then, he’d had several discrete but quite pleasurable relationships with other men. That had all ended when he was banished to McMurdo. No discrete little gay bars there.

It seemed to be much the same situation here. He certainly wasn’t going to get involved with anyone else who was military. Way too risky. McKay was a jackass of the highest order. There was one possibility, but the Scot had already tried to kill him. Granted it was an accident, but it didn’t bode well for any future relationship.

Although the more he thought about it, he thought about the way Beckett had looked at him afterwards. He had seemed sorry and yet somehow glad that it happened. He had chalked that up to Beckett being glad that he had actually made the Ancient technology work. But now, after the look today in sickbay, maybe it meant something.

He shook his head at himself. Already losing it. Only been here two weeks and the doctor was looking like fresh meat. What was he going to be eyeing in two months, two years? Not good at all.

Gonna be a long, lonely journey through the Pegasus galaxy.


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