Who Would Have Thought
by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: June 2003
Summary: A short fic inspired by my LJ friend, rohandove. She wanted fic with the first line 'Who would have thought they came in all sizes.'

'Who would have thought they came in all sizes?'

Daniel stood staring at all the choices before him, wondering how he was ever going to choose one. He felt more than a little conspicuous, as it was clear to anyone walking by that he really was very inexperienced in this arena. Still, it would make Jack happy. Insanely happy. That would help make up for Daniel missing his birthday last week.

Daniel wouldn't have remembered at all if it hadn't been for the clone Jack's crack last week about how Daniel could remember alien abductions and not Jack's birthday. Heaven forbid Jack remember that Daniel had recently been booted out of ascension with an empty slate for a brain. Sheesh.

Daniel shoved his thoughts back into the corner of his brain and went back to staring at the myriad of choices until Teal'C came up behind him.

"Have you chosen one that is suitable for O'Neill?"

"I don't know Teal'C. Do think he would like that long, slim one or the shorter, thicker one?"

"I do not know DanielJackson. Do they both fulfill the same function?"

"How am I supposed to know Teal'C? It's not like I do this everyday."

"Really. I thought most Tauri males had sufficient experience in this arena."

"Well, this Tauri male doesn't. This sign says that one has a smooth flowing motion and that one is better for short bursts of power."

"DanielJackson. Perhaps you could bring O'Neill here to pick one for himself to suit his needs."

Daniel let out an exasperated sigh. "Then it wouldn't be a surprise! I have to do this myself to show him that I care enough to both remember his birthday and buy him something that he can enjoy. Something that will remind him of me and our relationship each time he uses it."

"I will never understand why the Tauri feel a need to celebrate their birth. On Chulak, it is a day like any other."

"Fine, fine. I'm going to go with that one over there. The one that says that it has a longer reach than any other. God, I just hope that he doesn't expect me to use it with him."

"I will hope for this as well DanielJackson. I found the whole experience most distasteful."

The two men walked in silence up to the register where the cashier eyed them suspiciously. "Is there anything else I can get for you gentlemen?"

Daniel shook his head as he withdrew his credit card. "No, no, I think that will be quite enough."

"You boys gonna share just the one?"

Daniel just blushed. "Oh no. It's a present for a friend."

The cashier nodded as this clearly made more sense to him. "Well, I hope your friend appreciates this gesture. Yep, he must be a really good friend to get such a nice fishing rod."



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