Privacy of Your Own Home
by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: January 2004
This little ficlet was written for rohandove after a particularly nasty fandom wank about the lack of morality in slash fandom. Jack finds out that Daniel has some interesting hobbies. (SG-1/Harry Potter crossover)


Jack waited for an answer from his favorite archeologist. Daniel had spent most of the evening glued to his computer screen, barely even noticing the game on the television.

Daniel finally acknowledged Jack’s presence, “Mmm?”

“Daniel, what has you so damn fascinated?” Jack leaned over trying to see the screen on the small laptop, but Daniel only moved further away on the couch.

“Oh, nothing Jack. What’s the score for your game?” Daniel looked up from the computer screen to find himself the center of a very annoyed colonel’s attention. He tried his best innocent look. It seemed to have no effect.

“Daniel, the game ended half an hour ago.”

Jack made another play to read the computer screen, and Daniel bounced up from the couch and started to head for the dining room table and all his books. “Oh, um, are you ready for bed, then?”

Not to be defeated, Jack dashed around the couch and intercepted Daniel. “No, I’m ready for you to tell me what’s so interesting on that computer!”

Daniel struggled as Jack wrestled the laptop from his grasp. “Jack! Get off me! It’s nothing...”

As Jack stared at the screen, Daniel watched his lover’s eyes get bigger. “What the hell?” Jack started to read aloud from the screen. “Harry looked up at the ruler in Snape’s hand and waited for the resulting sting on his ass.” Jack looked up at Daniel with an unreadable expression. “Daniel, what in God’s name are you reading?”

Daniel suddenly became very interested in the floor. “Um, it’s nothing. It’s sort a cultural research project....” His voice trailed off.

After a few more uncomfortable moments, he finally looked up to see Jack’s eyes twinkling back at him. “So, you’re a Harry/Snape person eh? I would have pegged you as a Sirius/Remus.”

Jack dropped the computer onto the dining room table and took off running with Daniel in pursuit. “Jack!”



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