Closet Case
by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: July 2003
A drabble written for the LJ community Quantum Leap 100. The challenge was to write a drabble involving rain.

“I can’t believe it, Sam.”

“Why Al? Rain happens. I hear it’s pretty common, in fact.”

“But, Sam, why now? I can’t believe we came all this way only to have it rain.”

“Al, be realistic. If you come to the Pacific Northwest, you have to expect it to rain.”

“But Sam, I got these tickets months ago. After everything we’ve been through, how can God punish us with rain today?”

“Al, I’m guessing that God isn’t trying to punish us. I doubt he even cares about the concert. In fact, I think you may be the oldest living Deadhead.”


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