Birthday Presents
by Noel Goddard
Original Pub. Date: August 1996
Summary: A short ficlet for Sam's birthday.

As soon as I got home, I collapsed on the couch in a heap. Going to work on your birthday was bad enough, but today was just dreadful. The committee meeting this morning had turned into a five hour shouting match which culminated in them demanding a whole new batch of simulation data by 9 AM tomorrow morning. So, after a quick, but very late, lunch with Al, I went to Ziggy's remote terminal and began to program the variables for the new simulation.

That was when the day just went completely out of control. Ziggy denied ME access. At first, I thought I must have just hit the wrong access keystrokes, but Ziggy continued to tell me very petulantly, "Access denied." As the afternoon wore on, Gooshie, Tina, and I all became embroiled in the problem. Gooshie was convinced it had to be a computer virus, although none of could find any evidence of a virus. As the afternoon wore into evening, I began to be convinced that Ziggy was doing it deliberately. Finally at about eight, Ziggy miraculously responded with "Good evening, Dr. Beckett. What can I do for you?" At Al's urging, I started the simulation running overnight, and we headed home.

That brings us to now. I was blissfully lying on the couch, hoping to never move again. Al's voice shook me from my half-asleep state.

"Hey, kid, you wanna come out on the patio for a second? There's something that I think you should see."

I groaned loudly. "If it's something bad, it can wait 'til morning."

Al responded a little impatiently, "No, kid, I don't think it can wait much longer!"

I hauled myself off the couch and headed for the deck. I was greeted by a wonderful site - Al sitting naked on the edge of a brand new hot tub built into our deck. A bottle of Dom Peringnon and two glasses were chilling within Al's reach.

"Happy Birthday, Sammy." Al grinned from ear to ear.

"Wow!" was all I could muster initially. Then everything clicked into place, "So, Ziggy WAS faking it this afternoon, so that they could come install the hot tub? You are one sneaky, sneaky..."

Al interrupted with a wicked glint in his eyes, "Now, Sam, you don't want to ruin your birthday present do you?"

I started removing my polo shirt and my already tightening slacks as I asked, "Now what do you think?" Once I was freed of my clothes, I knelt down on the deck and gave Al a long, deep kiss. My hands ran up and down Al's body, feeling every inch that I already knew by heart.

He responded to this wonderfully romantic moment by dragging both of us into the hot tub. As I sputtered from the sudden dunking, Al winked and said, "You're gettin' old and slow kid. Let's get this party going!" His hands went straight for their destination and the swirling hot water and our mounting passion immediately carried me away.

Later, as we sat content in each others arms in the hot tub sipping champagne, Al asked me, "So, how did this birthday measure up?"

I grinned wickedly and answered, "Oh, I'd say it was a good seven inches better than any of the others I've had."



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