Truth or Dare
by Noel Goddard
Fandom: NCIS
Original Pub. Date: July 2004
A ficlet written for deannie including the line: "You did *that*? ...with *Abby*!?" (Gibbs/DiNozzo)


As he returned from the kitchen with a fresh round of beers, Gibbs looked across his living room at the odd gathering of people – DiNozzo, Kate, Abby, and McGee. Thankfully, Ducky left earlier before the drinking had started in earnest.

How the hell did he wind up hosting this “party”? He knew the answer, but that didn’t mean he had to like it. Team morale. It was at an all time low around the office since Pacci died, and Gibbs knew that he needed to do something, anything, to get his crew back on track.

As he approached, laughter went up from the group again. For the first time in weeks, Gibbs saw the laughter reach Tony’s eyes. As he watched the younger man, he felt something that he couldn’t, something he shouldn’t feel. Gibbs shook it off and placed the beers down in the circle.

Tony looked up, eyes slightly blurry with alcohol, but still sparkling. “Thanks, Boss.”

Kate spoke loudly, trying to rein the crowd in, “Alright, alright. Gibbs, it’s your turn. Truth or dare?”

Sighing inwardly, he knew the only answer that would help his team. He knew that they all thought he was distant and closed-off. “Truth.”

With a wicked glint in her eye, Kate asked, “Do you have any tattoos?”

Gibbs just nodded at first, and then decided that a little sharing was probably in order. “I have a small Marine corps insignia on my chest.”

Tony was the first to speak, “Boss, I’m shocked. Did you get it in your wild and crazy corps days when you were young and drunk?”

Gibbs snorted. “DiNozzo, there are no wild and crazy days in the US Marine Corps.” He paused for effect before continuing. “I got it shortly after 9/11 at a respectable parlor here in D.C. Abs can tell you all about it.”

The look on DiNozzo’s face was priceless. He looked back and forth between Abby and Gibbs. “You did *that*? ...with *Abby*!?”

With a conspiratory glance at Abby, he smirked, “Yes, DiNozzo. Let’s just say Abby has introduced me to several new things in recent years.”

Tony was speechless. Unusual, yet priceless. “If you play your cards right DiNozzo, you might even find out what some of those things are.”

With that, Gibbs got up from the group and headed back to the kitchen. Behind him, he felt the nervous glances and uneasy shifting.

Finally Abby broke the silence and laughed loudly, “Damn Bossman, you are good! Tony, your face was just priceless!”

Relieved, everyone else began to laugh, but Gibbs saw Tony still staring at him. Gibbs understood what Tony wanted to know. With slight nod of his head, he answered the question in Tony’s eyes. Gibbs watched as a positively predatory smile spread across Tony’s face and spread to his eyes. Damn. Damn it to hell.

The End

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