Trouble in the Kitchen
by Noel Goddard
Fandom: The Invisible Man
Original Pub. Date: July 2004
A ficlet written for kaytee4ever including the lines: "Anyone ever tell you that you're attractive when you're plotting evil?”, "For the last time, no! *pause, think* Well, maaaybe...", AND "Wanna make out?"


I was hard at work in the kitchen when I heard the door open and close. “Hey, Fawkesy! I’m in the kitchen!”

I glanced over as he entered the kitchen and leaned against the doorframe. The tank top and sweat pants that were damp and clinging to his body accentuated his long and lean frame. “How was your game?”

He moved toward the refrigerator and grabbed a beer. I watched as he took a long swig before he answered. “We won, of course. Fish and Game beats the fibbies again.”

A tingle passed through me as we high-fived in celebration. Fawkes leaned over my shoulder to eye what I was cooking. “What’s for dinner, Hobbes?”

Nudging him out of my way, “Who said you get any of this? This is a Bobby Hobbes special! Italian sausage and peppers. It’s a delicacy meant only for good Italian men, which you, my friend, are not.“

A positively feral grin spread across Fawkes’ face. Unable to help myself, I pointed out the obvious. "Anyone ever tell you that you're attractive when you're plotting evil?"

He advanced on me, and I felt my body tense in anticipation. “I don’t know, Hobbesy. Am I attractive enough to get some of that Italian sausage, despite my questionable ethnic background?”

Before I could answer, he pounced, grabbing my ass and grinding his crotch into mine. He spoke low and deep, “You know, I really, really like sausage. I’m sure I could make it worth your while.” His mouth closed on mine, probing deep with his tongue. His hand snaked around from my ass to grab my balls through my jeans, sending a jolt from my head to my toes.

As he began to undo my jeans, I managed to gasp out, "For the last time, no!” *pause, think* “Well, maaaybe..."

He was already on his knees as I finished speaking. Without hesitation, he took me in his mouth began to give me pleasure like no one else ever had. At times, I wondered how much he had learned in prison and how much was raw talent, but Darien gave head like no other man I’d ever known. God only knows why he had a thing for middle-aged, balding civil servants, but I’ve learned not to question it.

As he licked my cock and played with my balls, I felt my control slipping away. Before I could warn him, I shot into his mouth. He just licked it up, drop by drop.
Looking like the cat that swallowed the canary, he spoke “So, Hobbesy, now that I’ve convinced you that I’m worthy, wanna make out after dinner?”


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