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Welcome to my world of Sentinel fiction! All the fiction here is SLASH (in case you didn't read the front page), with Jim/Blair as the primary pairing. If you are under 18 years of age or don't like this, don't read them!

You may notice from the publication dates on these stories that I have not written any Sentinel fiction for quite some time. However, in 2005, merryish issued a challenge to those of us from the early days of Sentinel fandom to write some new Sentinel fiction. I've posted the results of that challenge below. While it was fun to watch the source material again, Jim and Blair just don't speak to me any more, so I think it's unlikely that there will be more fiction here in the future. However, I've long since learned to never say never!

DISCLAIMER: Simon, Jim, and Blair are the creative property of Pet Fly Productions and Paramount Studios. No copyright infringement is intended here. These stories are purely for enjoyment and absolutely no profit is being made.

Blaze of Glory
In 2005, merryish issued a challenge to all of us “old school” Sentinel writers to come out of retirement and write fics for the clichés challenge at the LJ community ts_ficathons. This story was the result and was written for the cliché: "If we're going to die, then dammit, let's go out with a bang."

Having A Ball
Jim and Blair celebrate Valentine's Day. Posted to the senad mailing list.

House Rules
This was a response to a senad list challenge for 100 word drabbles. This one is a post-ep drabble for The Rig.

Probably my best known Sentinel fic. Jim has an itch that Blair knows how to scratch. Originally posted to senad and later appeared in Extra Touchy Frisky #4 from Almost Foolproof Press.

Leading By Example
Blair convinces Jim to come out of the closet. Appeared in Come to Your Senses #2 from Whatever You Do, Don't Press.

Old Friends and New Lovers
Jim gets a wake up call from an old friend. Appeared in Come to Your Senses #1 from Whatever You Do, Don't Press.

This is a QL/Sentinel crossover story which I spent many, many years writing. Sam leaps into Cascade with unexpected results. Appeared in The Angel and The Dreamer #7 from Vision Quest Press, a Quantum Leap slash zine, 2002.
2003 SCREWZ nominee for Best Story in Quantum Leap
2003 SIZZLER co-winner for Best Story in Quantum Leap

Where, Oh Where
Another 100 word episode drabble for Secret.

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